Video "Smart Seoul Poem" - installation
at: Façade Videofestival Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv Bulgaria, The Ancient Bath 12.9.-16.9.2012
and many other exhibitions and festivals

..Smart Seoul Poem, HDV, 3.42min loop, 2012
The video is a comment on our Smart - and Iphone societies. The hyper-communication marks
the face of our modern cities worldwide. The video transforms the poem by Hermann Hesse,
"In the mists" into the digital age. With electronically generated voices and the addition
of the verse,it tells of the loneliness of today in the era of Smart - and iPhones.
The mist becomes a digital mist. The music of Beethoven gives the sad picture an ironic lightness.
People walk past each other, but they are no longer connected to each other and their environment.
It shows their stress, loneliness and isolation. The closeness and intimacy is abolished, just
like the nature which is replaced by an artificial nature.