DISPLACED 2015, Contemporary int. Art Festival Schlachten at the historic hat factory - Mendelsohn Hall in Luckenwalde //
group exhibition, films, panel & lectures, performances, concerts curated by Emily Pütter, Michael Neil and Dan Farberoff

DISPLACED 2015 circles around the important issue of Displacement, as reflected in our local, personal and global contexts:
as a physical, temporal, cultural, and psychological experience of dislocation, the sense of being uprooted, of unfamiliarity,
uncertainty, instability and insecurity.

- My video "SELF diss played" was presented with three other videos in a video tent
- and I made a cushion work "Words & Weight" in the talking area for a general use


The cushions work called "words & weight" assemble quotes from philosophers as well as sayings and poems about
hospitality and the dialectic between THE I and THE OTHER .

With films and videos by the artists:
Iva Radivojeviv, Borjana Ventzilavova, Gabriela Golder, Salome Jashi, Csaba Nemes, Monica de Miranda, Riaz Mehmood,
Gordana Andjelic-Galic, Thomas Klipper, Verena Kyselka, Sherry Silver, Laura Mulvey, Mark Lewis, Faysal Abdullah,
Neville Gabie, Andrew Darke, Daniel Brefin, Sophia Tabatadze, Teboho Edkins, Guy Wouete, Heba Amin,
Aboznaddara, Herman Asselberghs,Chris Avis, Isabella Gresser, Said Messari, Sharon Paz.

artists exhibition hall:
Khaled Al-boushi, Urban Art, Angiola Bonanni, Sebastian David, Anna Gimein, Isabella Gresser, Colette,
Ursula Heermann-Jensen, Said Messari, Miguel Mothes, Salva Nebot, Christa Panzner, Sharon Paz, Emily Pütter,
Joelle Rapp, Julia Schmid, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Waltraut Tänzler, Khadija Tnana, Milos Tzare, Walter van Broekhuizen,
Harry van der Woud, Johanna Speidel & Chus López Vidal, Fernando Nino-Sanchez, Gisela Weimann, Iva Radivojevic,