Solo exhibition: Behind the Pines
Kittredge Gallery, Tacoma WA USA / Isabella Gresser 2017

The exhibition Behind the Pines gives a deeper insight into the work of
the Berlin based artist Isabella Gresser, who works across media and forms,
including drawing, photography, video art, film and installation.
Her experimental work is characterised by an emphasis on research and
critical theory and the linking of culture-theoretical and philosophical
aspects of the West and the Far East. The exhibition shows her video art
and film work and a vitrine installation Barons in the Trees, that
assembles ink drawings, photography, collected poems and songs. The images
and poems, spanning different cultures and times, circle around the
relationship between men and trees, tree-sitting, utopian and real places
for longings and resistance. Perhaps it is time to look again at hidden
or discarded narratives, models and alternative structures, poetic daydreams
and universal utopias from past and present, to allow a space in our
reality beyond nationalism.
“The real must be fictionalized in order to be thought”
(Jacques Ranciere, The Politics of Aestetics)